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Through the MIIAA the medical indemnity industry can work collaboratively to meet the needs of the medical profession, the community and government. It was originally formed to:

  1. Inform and influence the national dialogue, debate and policy setting on matters relating to the systems of medical risk management and compensation for medical harm.
  2. Represent the voice of all insured doctors in such debates and policy setting.
  3. Enhance the reputation of the member organisations as major contributors to the well being of the profession and the community.
  4. Collaborate on the negotiation and implementation of government policy, legislation and regulation.

The MIIAA is the representative voice of the medical indemnity industry and represents over 70% of Australia's medical indemnity policyholders. It seeks to influence the direction and outcome of policy reviews on medical indemnity issues to ensure that the interests of the medical profession are protected.

The association has led debate on issues such as indemnity models, system reform and risk management.

A key component of the sucess of MIIAA is collaboration with key stakeholders across medicine and government.

The MIIAA is also active internationally, taking opportunities to learn from global experiences and different medical indemnity systems. In October 2011, MIIAA hosted the Physician Insurers Association of America (PIAA) international Section Meeting, an event held every 3 years to share international perspectives on medical indemnity.