11 August 2014  
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MIIAA Forum program features expert presenters who will provide a range of perspectives on issues facing the medical profession in relation to Consumer, Regulator and Practitioner Expectations.

As some allied health practitioners are taking on some procedures and activities traditionally undertaken by medical practitioners, the session Scope of Practice and Non-Medical Health Practitioners, will provide a wide ranging discussion around the concerns and areas of potential risk in relation to these changing scopes of practice.


Scope of Practice and Non-Medical Health Practitioners
The session will be chaired by Dr Andrew Miller of MDA National, with panelists providing their perspective on systems concerns, areas of potential risk and the challenges for medical practitioners.

Dr Stephen Parnis, Vice President, Australian Medical Association will outline some of the challenges faced by medical practitioners in relation to changing scopes of practice.

Dr Robert Herkes, Clinical Director, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care will give consideration to the systems needed to manage and mitigate the potential risks as practice changes for allied health practitioners.

Dr Brendan Murphy, CEO, Austin Health will discuss the practical implementation of systems that enable some procedures to be undertaken by non-medical health practitioners.

Program Overview and Speaker Profiles
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Annual Forum 2014 - Registration Rates
Registration rates for the Forum are always kept as low as possible. As well as lower rates for Member Organisations and Industry Partners, this year we have introduced a rate for academics.

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