18 July 2014  
Have you registered to attend this year’s MIIAA Annual Forum?
The 2014 MIIAA Forum program features expert presenters who will provide a range of perspectives on issues facing the medical profession in relation to Consumer, Regulator and Practitioner Expectations.

The session Handling Health Complaints will present a variety of views and up to date information around the ranging issues that continue to emerge within the health complaints systems.


Handling Health Complaints
A/Prof Julian Rait, President of MDA National will discuss The Impact of Vexatious and Over-Zealous Notifications from the perspective of a medical indemnity insurer.

Dr Marie Bismark, Senior Research Fellow with the University of Melbourne's Law and Public Health group will present on her recent research into Mandatory Reporting Patterns.

Kym Ayscough, Executive Director, Regulatory Operations at AHPRA will provide an update on work underway to improve The Notifier Experience and discuss how medical indemnity insurers might play a role in supporting the process.

Kerrie Chambers, Partner at HWL Ebsworth will discuss the Uses and Abuses of Mandatory Reporting, giving some consideration to issues around defamation.

With these presentations looking at different perspectives of complaints, we anticipate a lively discussion during the half hour panel session which will be chaired by Kathryn Booth, Principal and Director of Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

Program Overview and Speaker Profiles
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Annual Forum 2014 - Registration Rates
Registration rates for the Forum are always kept as low as possible. As well as lower rates for Member Organisations and Industry Partners, this year we have introduced a rate for academics.

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